Final tones + Spot Blacks?!?!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to help me out in my last post! You had a lot of really useful advice, and it definitely made some decisions much easier!

I sent a test page off to my editor, and one of his comments was that he wanted to see some spot blacks. Now, I have a DEEP FEAR of spot blacks and feel very self-conscious about using them, as they always look weird to me in my own work. I've added spot blacks to the test page, but if you have any suggestions or opinions (even if that opinion is "it looks fine!") I'd appreciate it!

And to be clear, I have no issue at all with the download-and-scribble method of illustrating a point -- draw all over this thing if you want to!

All right -- back to inking for me! Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this! <3
I really like the spot blacks, but I find with the spot blacks you might have to up the tones to keep balance.
I'm a big fan of high contrast in tones. I find it gives a bit more depth to a scene. Also I blacked out the pot in the front as I found it was just sticking out a bit too much with all that beautiful detail! (and blacking it out gave the scene a little more depth).

All this was done just by messing with exposure and contrast so it would probably look better with actual dark toning.

I hope this helps! (and I hope I'm not too much of a jerk drawing on the page)
This! Just make sure the contrasts push your eye where its supposed to go :) Like the revised last panel above, with the tea kettle in the fg pushing the rest of the chars back.
yes! i like how they look with the darker tones, as nenimo demonstrates above.
but overall it is not too heavy.
Thinking more about this, maybe you should post these pages with the word bubbles involved. Where the bubbles are influences how the page flows a lot! So for example if you were posting a bubble on top of that kettle on the last panel, maybe your contrasts should be somewhere else.