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Zuko's Story -- the cover is online!

Last year, my friend Dave Roman and I co-wrote a graphic novel that focuses on Prince Zuko, one of the main characters from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," and what happened to him during the three years before the main part of the story begins. This project is tied to "The Last Airbender," a feature film adaptation of the show being released this Spring, and so our story fits with that version of the narrative. But I think fans of the original show will be pleased by how closely "Zuko's Story" fits with the characters and places they know -- after all, Dave and I are big fans of the series ourselves!

The book was drawn by Nina Matsumoto and it looks fantstic! There's going to be a few preview pages in the 2010 edition of Del Rey's Free Comic Book Day Anthology, which you can get at your local comic shop (for free!) on May 1st. Not sure if I'll be able to post any artwork from the book before then, but I think folks will really like it. I can't emphasize enough how impressed Dave and I were by Nina's work on this book.

HOWEVER, the cover image just went up on Amazon! You can see a little piece of it in my icon, but if you'd like to see the full version it's here for your perusal!

"Zuko's Story" will be out on May 18th, and if you like, you can preorder it here.

I can't wait to hear what people make of it! So exciting!
I am super-excited! The rest of the book is black and white but the line quality is amazing.
Love that cover!! I have 100% faith in her style, and her zuko looks like a good mix of animation and actor!zuko. The colors are jummy! and I am so relieved it has a more mature/dark tone, more aimed at an older audience? Anyway, it looks great. Thanks for the update!
There're a couple of lighter moments, but yeah, generally the tone of this book is fairly dark. It had to be, really -- some terrible stuff happened to Zuko when he was young. :(

I think you'll enjoy the interior art, too -- she did some fantastic stuff with the inks, lots of depths and texture.
Thank you again for being SUCH A SWEETHEART during the whole process, I know those books made me crazy ^_^;;;;;;
Eeeeeeee so awesome! I'm very very happy about this and if I see it at work I'm going to try and snag it and catalog it and try not to include the words "OMG KICKASS" in the annotation.

I've had this preordered for ages, and I couldn't possibly be more excited. I may be boycotting the movie, but I have total faith that you guys made something awesome. You're pretty much my favorite Zuko writer, and of course Nina's art will be amazing. :') ♥
You're a sweetheart for having preordered it, thank you!

My stupid time machine is broken otherwise I'd be reading this right now (while fly around on my jet pack and eating space food)
Cannot wait! The cover looks flipping gorgeous, and I can't think of anyone I would have trusted more to write a balanced story between the two versions of AtLA.
We certainly tried our best! The fact that this comic takes place BEFORE the main body of the film adaptation made it much easier to stick with series canon -- most of it happens outside the scope of what the film deals with, so we were free to operate almost entirely within the world the series created.
I am so looking forward to this! And it's very cool that you got to work on it. :)
I feel extremely lucky to have gotten do as much for the ATLA comics as I have. :)

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