zuko's story

All in the details

Nina Matsumoto (aka Space Coyote) has been chatting on and off about "Zuko's Story" via Twitter since she started working on the project in the fall. This morning she said a few things that seem of particular interest to fans of the show who're wondering what this book is going to be like:

Glad to see the Airbender fandom likes the cover I did for Zuko's Story! I will put the cover up on my dA eventually, if I'm allowed. Fans have noticed I exaggerated movie!Zuko's scar. I definitely made it more noticeable than it is in the film, with good reason: Zuko's scar is important to his char design. I was disappointed with how subtle it is in the film; I tried to make it closer to TV!Zuko's. There are other little nods to TV!Zuko's design I put in the prequel. Read it and see :V

Also I did so much research on Northern Shaolin, Xingyiquan & dao sword moves for the fight scenes...man. Hope people like the book!

We all did as much as we could to do justice to the richness and complexity of the ATLA world in this comic, as well as the characters themselves and their stories. I sent poor Nina a gigantic folder of reference that I'd dug up -- characters, settings, clothing, Chinese opera -- and she was unbelievably diligent in doing her own research, as well, and getting all the details right. It was an absolute joy to work with her!
Really looking forward to the book- Nina's art is solid and I know how both you and Dave care about the Avatar world. That's win-win combo right there.
Aw man, I'd love it if my writers gave me as much reference, ha ha!
Can I just say again how cool it is that you and Dave wrote this book and how cool it makes you and Dave in my eyes.