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A couple of days ago, Nina made a post over on her own journal about her process for working on Zuko's Story, expanding on the comments she made via Twitter the other day.

I also did an interview with Kevin Pearl over at Allter8.com, which went up this morning. Topics covered include the origins of Zuko's Story, my FEELINGS about ATLA in general, my formative experiences with TMNT and Gargoyles, and a little about my own book, Chronin, and some other projects I've been working on lately.

An excerpt that seemed particularly relevant:

That's one of my favorite moments from the series, actually. The first time we meet Zuko, he's standing on the deck of his ship, struck dumb by the shaft of blue light that's burst from the horizon -- the light from Aang's iceberg breaking open. Zuko's entire life changed in that moment, and it's great because it isn't until we go back and watch the show a second time -- knowing what we do about this kid and how he came to be there -- that we can really appreciate how he must have felt. In a way, that's what the prequel Dave and I wrote is all about: building up to that moment on the deck of Zuko's ship, and all the hardships he had to face to get there.

As for Chronin: if you're interested, you can read the first twenty-two pages of it -- the prologue and first chapter -- over here.
Really nice interview! You DO have a lot on your plate, ha ha!
Will you be at SDCC this year to promote the books (Chronin and the ATLA related ones)? Or AX?
I'm ABSOLUTELY going to be at SDCC, at the very least. I hope I get to see you there! :)
Yup, I'll be there this year with the Flight people. One more year, at least. After that, we'll see.
Oh, and I totally have guest room space should you decide to visit up north.
I will almost definitely be taking you up on that offer.

( Nerd party in Burbank! WOOOOO!! \o/ )
Great interview! Now I want to watch both ATLA and Gargoyles again. I remember when I sort of discovered that show and it was like...seriously? Am I actually watching what I think I'm watching here?