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Zuko preview on Free Comic Book Day!

As I think I mentioned before, there'll be a preview of "Zuko's Story" out tomorrow for FCBD! It'll appear in the Del Rey Showcase, and I BELIEVE it's the first six pages, which should give folks an idea of what kind of story we're telling and the book's relationship with "show" canon (spoiler: it is close.)

Personally, I can't wait to get a copy -- I haven't seen any of the book in print! SO EXCITING!


So if you're in the states or Canada and in the general vicinity of a comic shop, you should totes swing by and pick up a copy of that and anything else that looks interesting. The selection this year looks pretty great, all around!
Don't forget Canadians, they also get free comic book day.
YESSSSS! 6 Pages!
This is going to make the wait actually harder. I guess I'll just be re-reading over and over again those 6 pages until the book release.
Ah, of course! Edited accordingly!

And while I'm not sure if that's "six comic pages" or "five pages and the cover," I'm still really excited! I'd hoped they'd include at least that much, as it really sets up the opening of the story. :)

(they also feature some beautiful comic work by Nina, of course!)
I'm going to get mine. But the question is, how do I get it autographed by co-writer Ms. Ali?
Aaah, I just got back from my comic shop and they were all out of the Del Rey Showcase! I even asked for it just in case I'd missed any :'< I guess I can wait a few weeks... I GUESS. On one hand, I'm sad I missed it, but on the other, I'm glad so many people are getting a chance to see it! |D YOU'RE POPULAR, hahaha ♥
ARG, the same thing happened to me! Apparently "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" also had a preview in there, which means it pretty much flew out of stores.

On the one hand, I'm so glad folks will see the Zuko!Preview as well? On the other had MAN I REALLY WANTED ONE D:
Just got a chance to see scans from the comic, and oh my goodness, it looks super gorgeous -- writing and art-wise. You guys rock! I'm so impressed with all the work (and love!) that's clearly gone into this, and I can't wait to see more! ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS /o/
I read just the comic and I am so impressed with the writing. You actually made me cry, it was so sad and beautiful, Zuko....don't want to give spoilers, but you really do rock as a writer.
Thank you so much, that's very sweet of you to say! Dave and I worked really hard on it, so I'm glad that the effort's paying off for you so far! <3
My pleasure. I can definitely say I was wholeheartedly satisfied with it. You are amazing and I look forward to it coming out so you can autograph it for me!