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Dave Roman and I on the Avatar Portalcast!

A couple of days ago, my co-writer Dave Roman (yaytime) and I did a podcast interview with a bunch folks from The Avatar Portal. Mostly we talked about "Zuko's Story," the process of working on both books, what we hoped to accomplish, some of the difficulties we encountered and lots of praise for Nina Matsumoto (space_coyote) and the amazing work she did. It's about 40 minutes long, and we cover a lot of ground -- hope some folks find it interesting!

We talked a bit about The Last Airbender film itself, but honestly, I think Dave and I try not to say too much on that topic. We didn't work on the FILM, after all, just the adaptation -- we haven't even seen it yet. And I understand completely that lots of fans who're looking forward to "Zuko's Story" aren't necessarily keen on the film as well. It's a tricky balancing act, but I think we mostly pulled it off.

You can listen to it here on their site, or you can download it from iTunes! (Note: the first section of the podcast is just audio clips from the movie trailers. Skip to 1:20 if you want to go straight to the actual content.)
You both pulled it off very nicely. Quite enjoyed listening to you both talking about the process.
Thanks for mentioning the Zhao fans, ha ha ha!
Got both preordered, can't wait to read and feel "all the love" that got put in that prequel.
Zhao fans are an important part of the community, after all!

And I'm flattered you took the time to listen, thank you!
Really interesting stuff! I loved hearing about the process, and the enthusiasm you both have for this really comes through. :D Can't wait to read it!
I'm flattered you took the time to listen to it! Thank you!

Haha and yes, you know, we all gotta do our best to get good information out there!
Katara-centric adaptation!!!!
&hearts _ &hearts

(You guys both did a great job in the interview, especially navigating the tricky topic of the film. Your reference to the Zhao fans made me laugh. &hearts)

Slightly personal question regarding these two books - do sales impact how much you get paid, or did you get paid for writing them, and that's it?

And again, I apologize for spamming both your accounts. ^^; I've been a long-time lurker on avatar_fans but with the prequel looking so shiny I thought I should come out of the woodwork and shout my support
No, not spamming at all -- you're being very kind, and I really appreciate it! Thank you!

And I'm glad to hear the interview didn't bore you too badly -- it's always tough for me to listen to them when they haven't been edited much. *g* And we were being especially careful about talking about the movie, so I'm particularly relieved that seemed to work out all right to you!

As for sales -- no royalties, just a standard work-for-hire kind of situation. But this book doing well is very important to Nina's ability to finish her original series, Yokaiden, so we're hoping it sells tons of copies for her sake if not our own!
The interview was super fun!

But it has left me greatly torn :P

I'm quite sad about the casting choices, and intended to have nothing to do with the film but... Katara POV manga!

(I don't know if there's anywhere else you guys could publicize this fact because it has made me go from not giving the film adaptation manga a second thought to very very seriously considering pre-ordering it. I only wish I could look at the cover and not see Rathbone's face on Sokka)

I hope the book does well too! The art is beautiful.
Well, the adaptation is a tricky thing, which is part of why I don't talk about it very much. Obviously Dave and I tried our best to craft a readable story, but we were operating under very different (and not small) constraints that didn't exist with the prequel. We brought a little of ourselves to the table, but for the most part we were just condensing a screenplay that someone else wrote. So even if you end up enjoying the prequel, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be interested in the adaptation, particularly if the film doesn't appeal to you.

I'll basically just recommend that people try and check it out in a bookstore first, rather than ordering it online sight-unseen. <:)
Wise advice.

And given the constraints, which I can barely imagine, I am kind of in awe of you and Dave for writing it.