zuko's story

And finally, it is on the shelves! Where you can purchase it! Also probably at the library!

So "Zuko's Story" is out (although not quite as easy to find as I would have liked, it seems) and some people have read it! Who aren't my editor or co-creators! MAN, THAT IS PRETTY CRAZY!

And a few of them have had some things to say about it! If you're interested in the book but not sure if it's for you -- or, alternately, if you're like me and just enjoy reviews for books you've already read yourself -- here are a few of the reviews I've seen that might prove useful. (Note: most of these contain major book spoilers as a part of summarizing the story.)

Anthony Castaneda for the Frensno Pop Culture Examiner
NextAirbender for LastAirbenderFilm.com
rufftoon on her Livejournal

If you're not keen of the film but are a fan of ATLA and are curious about the prequel, you might be interested in:
a review by artpop on the avatar_fans community
a review by puffysanjo encouraging discussion on the racebending community

That's it for now, I think? But let me know if I missed anything!
And I just want to point out that the comments to my review in avatar_fans also have very nice testimonials from fellow readers. :D

Thanks so much for all your hard work! The end product really shows it!

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I preordered my copy and it arrived a few days ago. Told my dad he better bring it with him to the airport when I finally come home from France. :P

I can't wait until I can read it and then check out the reviews!
so exciting!! i'm going to read it first myself before reading those comments, though.

woo!! :D
my friend will be going to McAllen soon; I'll ask him to get a copy for me <3 :D
Got a few extra copies as prizes for the next NoSelfControl contest.
They were well displayed on the new releases tables at the local Barnes and Nobles. :)

I just feel like jumping in at the racebending thread though. That they throw in the idea not to buy the book irks me terribly. Grrr.
Cool! Also, I sent you an email today - lmk if you got it or if I should resend?