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In which I Appear in Locations...with Books!

I'd thought this was going to be a slow summer -- maybe go to Comic Con, maybe try to set up some kind of event with yaytime -- but as it turns out, June and July are going to be pretty crazy! I've added a little sidebar thing on my journal with all the events I'm currently planning to be at, but here are some of the details in case anyone's curious.

Signings for Zuko's Story and the Last Airbender adaptation

Dave and I (and in at least one case, adaptation artist Joon Choi) will be doing a few events tied to the Airbender books we co-wrote. The specifics of these are still being pinned down, but as of now the schedule seems to be:

June 26th -- Nordstrom at the Roosevelt Field Mall, 12-3PM

June 27th -- Nordstrom at the Paramus Mall (with Joon!), 12-3PM

July 2nd -- Kinokuniya at Bryant Park

We're trying to get a couple other things put together, particularly at book/comic shops, so you know...more as it develops! I hope to see some of you there -- I'm actually really nervous about this sort of thing! O__O


July 16th -- Keynote Luncheon at Infinitus

I've been invited to be part of a panel of "fan writers turned pro" at Infinitus, a Harry Potter conference in Florida. My co-panelists will be Naomi Novik, R.J. Anderson and Karen Healey, and I'm pretty excited about it! If you're planning to be at Infinitus, you can find find more info about the luncheon here. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up with some old friends from my days in HP fandom, many of whom I haven't seen in years.

July 22nd-25th -- San Diego Comic Con

No details yet, but Dave and I (and possibly Zuko's Story artist Nina Matsumoto!) will be there, so there will be at least a signing of some kind. More info once I have it!

October 8th-10th -- New York Comic Con

My buddy E.K. Weaver and I will have a table! And hopefully I'll have something awesome and Chronin-related put together by then! WOO!


I've always loved having an artist alley table at cons -- it's such a great opportunity to get to talk to other creators and fans whom you might not otherwise meet. Fingers crossed that this summer continues that trend!
So do I! I always get so nervous about these things, but at least I'll have Dave with me most of the time!
You could always wear a big, false, handlebar moustache! It would be both distracting AND dignified!
Re: You have a point
Unf! That would be mad sexy!
And if you needed to think about an answer you could slowly remove your monocle, buff it on your shirt sleeve, then slooowly put it back in position.

I miss you guys, but I wish the best of luck!
Does that mean that I get (another) AUTHENTIC ALI WILGUS autograph at NYCC this year? *is excited*

I haven't got my prequel in the mail yet, but any day now... it will be mine. And I'd be thrilled to have it graced with the signatures of all parties involved. :D
The panel of my dreams! So glad you will be a part of it!
I read "Nerdstorm" XD

Good luck with with everything hun!!! :D :D :D :D :D