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Signing tomorrow at Kinokuniya!

Dave Roman (yaytime) and I will be doing an event at Kinokuniya's NYC bookstore tomorrow afternoon! The focus will be on "Zuko's Story" and our hopes (our beautiful dreams!) for the unpublished NickMag ATLA comics. We'll talk a little about the process of making Zuko's Story, and we'll be doing a read along of the "Swordbenders" comic I wrote for Nick Magazine, in which Sokka and Zuko spar for their friends' amusement at the Western Air Temple.

The event starts at 4PM -- I hope to see some of you there! I'm pretty excited, as I've always loved Kinokuniya -- maybe if there's a decent turnout, they'll let me come back when Chronin finally debuts!

If nothing else, maybe we can stand around and share our ~*~feelings~*~ about a certain movie that came out today. ;)
I'm still cautiously optimistic! I'll bet there'll be some movement on the issue one way or the other by the end of the summer.
How long will you be there for? I have to pick up a check and hopefully deposit it right near Bryant park, but it may be closer to 5...
Ack, NY, too far away!

I must be patient. In a few weeks, you, Dave, Raina and many other awesome people will be on the west coast and we can pimp the Zuko book and those Last Airbender comics like there's no tomorrow!
Have a great signing tonight!
Hello, I hope the event went well!

I just wanted to tell you that I finally got my hands on my copy of Zuko's Story and I loved it.


Every time Zuko (and Iroh and Azula) spoke I heard their voices. The narration &hearts The narration with Dante Basco's voice in my head.

I hope that properly expresses my absolute love for this - so very very Zuko - story and how I'm going to give it to all my tiny Avatar-loving neighbours for Christmas.

And there cannot be enough love for Nina Matsumoto. In the world!

It's wonderful. It's - as;dkjfa;sdk Azula! Azula gets that wonderful moment with Zuko and he's hurt and ashamed but asks her for help and then she does and yes yes this happened! Look there is hope for her!

There are never the right words, or ones that don't feel reused and trite - oh language, how you let us down - but hearing their voices, distinctly, in my head as I'm reading along... it made the experience so... happy (for me, oh poor Zuko, you need a hug and I'm glad Uncle Iroh gives you many). So much more. It was almost like watching the show. But reading.

I'm getting incoherent now. Sorry about that.

Bottom line: I love it. Wish I could express just how much I love it in a more eloquent way.

And now I really want to read the book of movie because a)you are both brilliant b)Katara POV and c)from the reviews of the film I feel like I would get a more coherent impression of how M Night meant the story to be from your book.

may I friend you? I'd love to keep up with Chronin and Avatar and happy things.