zuko b&w

Signing tomorrow at Kinokuniya!

Dave Roman (yaytime) and I will be doing an event at Kinokuniya's NYC bookstore tomorrow afternoon! The focus will be on "Zuko's Story" and our hopes (our beautiful dreams!) for the unpublished NickMag ATLA comics. We'll talk a little about the process of making Zuko's Story, and we'll be doing a read along of the "Swordbenders" comic I wrote for Nick Magazine, in which Sokka and Zuko spar for their friends' amusement at the Western Air Temple.

The event starts at 4PM -- I hope to see some of you there! I'm pretty excited, as I've always loved Kinokuniya -- maybe if there's a decent turnout, they'll let me come back when Chronin finally debuts!

If nothing else, maybe we can stand around and share our ~*~feelings~*~ about a certain movie that came out today. ;)