zuko's story

On the off chance that any of you are at Infinitus...

(...or know interested parties in attendance)

I'm lucky enough to be a guest at Infinitus, the HPEF conference for 2010, and tomorrow there are three event-type things at which I'll be appearing! The listings for "informal" programming are a little hard to find in the con material, so it seemed that much more worth mentioning here -- I'd hate for someone to miss the chance to be a nerd with me in person because of unclear documentation. ;)

SO! Friday's schedule is as such:

10:00-11:00AM - Reading (in Banda 1, with Naomi Novik)

12:00-1:30PM - Keynote Luncheon, "Fandom-Trained Writers" (with RJ Anderson, Sara Rees Brennan, Karen Healey, Naomi Novik and moderator Pegg Kerr)

1:45-3:00PM - Autograph session (in the vendor room, with all of the aforementioned ladies)

I'm admittedly pretty nervous, but the con has been fantastic so far and hopefully that trend will continue!