New York Comic Con is this upcoming weekend, and I'll be sharing a table in its artist alley* with my buddies gallo_de_pelea and rufftoon! It's a "strictly paper goods" kind of scene, and with that in mind I plan to have the following:

- Copies of Zuko's Story!
- Preview booklets for Chronin, with the prologue and first chapter!
- The special Nick Magazine issue "Avatar The Last Airbender: Enter The Fire Nation," which feature the "bridge" comics that covered the weeks between the end of Season Two and the beginning of Season Three. This was the first issue of NickMag I worked on, and has been out of print for years, but I'll be bringing my last few extra copies along!
- A small selection of prints

Please come by and visit if you can! I'd love to see you!

*The NYCC artist alley, not the New York Anime Fest artist alley, just to be clear, as both cons will be going on at once in the same building. (!!!)
Wow, I didn't realize that NYAF and NYCC were happening at the same time! :0 That'll certainly be interesting!

See you there. :3
I hope so! <3

Haha although if you do stop by, please remind me that you're THE INVADERK from THE LIVEJOURNALS as I'm legendarily ditzy at cons and I'd hate to miss you!
I will make note of it! I will also be the one sheepishly asking you to sign my copy of Zuko's Story, so no worries. I'll be around on Saturday to harass you artsy folk! <3
Yay! I didn't know you'll have a table. I was trying to figure out who I'll be harassing on Saturday! See ya there. :D
Hey, I'm the person who stopped by your table and bought the last nick magazine! Just letting you know that I finished the short Chronin preview and now I'm really excited about the rest of the story! Good luck ^_^