zuko b&w

Want a copy of Zuko's Story? WELL..!

As it's the holidays, I've decided to sell a few copies of Zuko's Story here on my LJ! All books will be signed of course (and personalized, if you tell me who you want it made out to) and I'll do a little sketch inside them as well!

Books are $15, which includes shipping via Priority Mail. (If you want something shipped internationally, let me know in the comments and we'll work something out.)

If you'd like a copy, please comment below with the following info:

- Who you'd like the book made out to
- What character you'd like the sketch to be of

I'll respond to confirm I have a book for you. Once I've replied, please paypal me at: awilgus [at] gmail [dot] com. PLEASE make sure your mailing address is correct, and include your LJ name in the paypal message so I don't get mixed up!

If you'd like the book mailed to someone else as a gift and wrapped before I put it in the priority mail envelope, add $1 to the price and make sure I have all the relevant info.
I'd love to "reserve" a copy, if that's possible! (Can't send payment quite yet because next paycheck is on the 10th. D:)

If it's okay with you (no obligation)...

1- Out to Anthony
2- Surprise me with any character! :)
I would like 3 copies please. To Barbados if possible. So I know we'd have to work out shipping. Although I can try to see if any of my NY family is coming home for Christmas for them to bring it for me. I will check today on this so I could give you an address if that is possible.

The first one would be to Kimberley and Toph would be excellent
The second one would be to Ian and Aang for him.
The last is for me Natasha and I'd like Sokka please.
For packages up to 10oz, it looks like international shipping would be about $14 for a flat rate envelope or $9 for a "First class international package." Just let me know what you decide! :D
I'll go for the flat rate envelope so it would get here a bit faster hopefully. I'll paypal you now.
I'd like to reserve a copy please!

For Clayton
With The Boulder, please!

Also, could I email you the picture of myself, rather than linking to it, to your gmail account?
I want one!

- For Sarah
- Of Zuko

I'm happy to pay/pick up in person, otherwise I'll fire up the paypal and wait by my mailbox. I don't know which is better for you. :)
Got it!

I'm gonna be in the city until the 17th -- I haven't seen you in ages, so if you want to get together sometime before then, that would be great!
I'd like one, please! For 'Sonic' with a sketch of Toph.
I'd like one for myself (Patrick). Let me know if any are still available!
And... I forgot to note a character for the sketch. Is it supposed to be one of your characters? Or anything at all?

Will send payment by the end of the night.
Other folks asked for ATLA characters, but you can ask for a little one-person sketch of anything you like if you give me reference! :)
Are you still selling these? I just discovered your fanfic and profic, and would love to buy a signed copy for my niece and nephew who got me into A:TLA.
Hi, I just rewatched A:TLA and in the resulting mass scramble for related material, I ran across your page.

Is their any change you are still selling these copies of Zuko's story?

Of course, if you can't I understand considering how super late I am...

Yes, I totally still send you a book! Just make sure your mailing address on paypal is up to date, and let me know what character you'd like me to sketch for you! :)

Thanks for asking!
Wow! Thanks so much!!!

Please make it out to Christy.
With a sketch of Mai.

$15 even, or do i owe you for paypal fees?