Pinups and Character Designs

*dusts off journal*

It's been kind of a crazy summer, but my lack of posts here is largely a result of the fact that I've been plugging away at the script for Chronin. While useful, in the long run, it doesn't make for very good LJ updates.

However, I haven't been neglecting my sketchbook entirely! A little while back I drew this pinup of Mirai, after realizing that all the color art I had for her was old or terrible or both...

I also ended up adding three more characters to the cast, which was a little traumatic as everyone else has been banging around in my head for years. After spending some of my Comic Con downtime doodling them, however, they feel a little more familiar.

Kuji, the one with the spikey bangs, is the only one of this four who's from the original cast. The others are his comrades within the ranks of Choshu's loyalists, or "shishi" -- they started as condensations of several throwaway characters and then grew from there.

pretty cool ali keep going!!! I love your art ^^

(the one who called from El Salvador ><) Numbuh 1/4 a.k.a. Fabiola XD