And so it begins.

(For real, this time.)

The script's been approved by my editor, so now I can finally get started with the meat of the work on this book: actually drawing it! The plan is to thumbnail the book first, see how long it ends up being, and go from there. It's written as one, long story, but if it gets too unwieldy we may chop it into sections.

So! Not much to show for myself, yet, but a start is still a start!

The other members of Mirai's group -- minor characters, but I wanted to have general reference for them anyway.

Younger and older versions of Yashiro Makoto, who's considerably more important.

Thumbs for the first page, textless for now -- I'm still not sure if I'm going to tone this, or just use hatching and solid blacks.

More soon, hopefully!

Hahaha, I'm so glad I wrote a HUGE LONG SEQUENCE where I get to draw him as a hot young thing.
I am quite excited to see how this goes!
Best of luck to you. When you become published, I will surely buy! <3
WAIII!! :D i will totally buy this when it's published! this is so exciting~~