Comics Recs for Hugo Purposes!

Hugo nominations are due in a couple of weeks, which leaves me just enough time to slip some SFF comics recs in under the wire!

Most of these are webcomics, although many are also available as ebooks or in print. I've tried to focus on titles that an average reader who isn't already hip-deep in the comics community might not have heard of. All of these are excellent and quite different from one another — I hope you find something new that you enjoy!


Mare Internum
by Der-shing Helmer
It's difficult to talk about this comic without some fairly major spoilers, but let's say it's a character-oriented medium-near-future SF story set on Mars, in which hypothetical biologies play a major role. The comic started posting in early January of 2015, so the bulk of what's available to read is Hugo eligible.
(WARNING: on-the-page suicide attempt, allusions to childhood sexual assault, body horror)

O Human Star
by Blue Delliquanti
One of my personal favorites. The summary on the About page is actually very helpful, and begins with "Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. And because of his sudden death, he didn’t see any of it. That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that matches his old one exactly." Ongoing since 2012, the first page of 2015 is here if you're curious.

The Last Halloween
by Abby Howard
A comedic but frequently grim monster-filled mystery horror story? "The Last Halloween is the story of Mona and her unusual friends, who must work together to defend humanity from countless horrific monstrosities! Perhaps they will succeed, and humanity will prevail as it always has. Or perhaps this will be... The Last Halloween" This one's difficult to pin down, but although just based on the description alone it's the sort of thing I'd never be interested in, I've enjoyed it immensely since it started posting. Gorgeous artwork, distinctive voice. Ongoing since 2013.

Agents of the Realm
by Mildred Louis
This magical-girl-inspired webcomic came roaring out the gate and has been making waves in the indie comics scene ever since. "Shortly after starting their first year at Silvermount University, five young women discover they've each been chosen to to protect our world and its newly discovered sister dimension. Volume 1 begins at the start of their first year of college as they learn learn about this new responsibility and try to find out exactly what’s going on."

Beyond: the Queer Sci-fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology
Edited by Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts
Exactly what it says on the tin! 18 short SFF stories from 26 creators, all of them explicitly featuring queer themes and characters. You can pick it up as a PDF and read it this afternoon. (Full disclosure, I wrote one of the stories in this anthology!)

by Aatmaja Pandya
A sort of fantastical diary comic of Nana, a small fuzzy person traveling the world. The comic itself is a series of usually low-key and always charming adventures on the road. Nearly all of its archive was posted in 2015.

Eth's Skin
by Sfé R. Monster
"Eth’s Skin is a comic about a fisher named Eth living on the edge of a ragged ocean. It’s a story set in a slightly different British Columbia, where raft cities called townships make up the bulk of civilization, and selkies and sea monsters swim through kelp forests and avoid strange masked land-dwellers called Beachwalkers." Dense with interesting and empathetic characters, with seemingly effortless worldbuilding bursting out of every page. Ongoing since 2014.

by Beck Kramer
"When Irina Novak set off on NASA's first light speed travel mission, she knew the flight would change her life. She just had no idea how much." I love pretty much every single thing about this comic, if I'm honest! Near-future SF entirely focused on women and their work and their relationships. Ongoing since 2014

Strong Female Protagonist
by Molly Ostertag and Brennan Lee Mulligan
"SFP follows the adventures of a young middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility and a crippling sense of social injustice." This is probably the most famous-outside-of-comics of all the work I've mentioned, but that's because people LOVE IT. Ongoing since 2012.

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Oh wow, thanks for these. Hadn't seen any of them. Much appreciated!