Making the best of things

I'd meant to do more public posts here anyway, and as my webspace is currently not available AND the fonts on my computer are all messed up, I can't post rough pages at the moment.

As you've probably figured out, this story involves timetravel! The problem being that I then had to design a time MACHINE. And I really really really hate designing anything remotely mechanical.

But I tried my best! And I thought I may as well share what I came up with!

I'll add more detail and fix the perspective when I clean this page up for the final version.... (though I fixed the biggest perspective problem, so that's something!)
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yeah i was gonna say, the right half of the top part is melting. BUT I'M HOT FOR IT.
Yeah, I am TOO LAZY AND IRRITATED to fix it right now, but I'll get back to it -- I drew that part on my laptop, and things tend to turn out kinda wonky.

....haha shit now I feel like I should fix it now...

*pokes at photoshop*
oh, YAY. Almost like in the movie Timeline... only less mirrors.

NOT implying its derivative at all. JUST SAYIN' I wholeheartedly approve!
I have not seen that movie, actually! I SHOULD!

I tried to make it look vaguely ghetto...complete with roll of duct tape ^_-
OMG you so should! I have it! We can make a day of it!

It's one of the few recent time travel movie that really compelled me to own and pimp, not because its flawless but because its so endearing... and not so terrifically contradicting (as time travel plots are wont to go) that you want to stab your head for having viewed it. (Like, god, I wanted to just hurt people after watching The Returner. Plotwise, it just folded up on itself. So annoying!! If you have a paradox plot, work through it dammit don't just opt out for the illogical yet overly romanticized ending. Not even a real romance, nothing got resolved character wise and it doesn't make sense. If the girl prevented her own future then what does she go back to, and how could she have if the machine wasn't invented for her to come back with. But she does, BUT she does come back to leave a note that creates a seconds paradox! GAH! that really fucking pissed me off.) Anyway...

I really liked it, Timeline that is. Great cast, simple concept, neatly executed.

It's already a dork movie classic around here.

Speaking of which, I was thinking of you the other day when I heard "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is playing at the IFC theater, only you and Scott and Clio were still out of town (I believe).
That's pretty sweet. I am amused by the litle clipboard on the back wall. You know, I wasa going to say, needs more rivets and stuff. But I am all up to my eyes in neo-victorian/gothic/steampunk stuff, so that's why. MRIs and such don't have lots of extra stuff, and are designed to look sleek, so you're cool! The fencing may need to be bent around the shape though, right now it is flattening out the visual depth up there a little bit. If it were me I'd hand draw it, but I think that might be overkill. Probably you could use the transform>distort in photoshop to compress the grid as it gets farther away from the center line of the machine. But sometimes I think that stuff matters and it actually doesn't matter.
Yeah, as I said to Alex below, I realized that I'm going to have to redraw this pretty much from scratch anyway, so I didn't want to fiddle with it much more than I already had -- more detail and better perspective in the second round!
Nice machine! I'd die if I had to design one ;___; I think this'll look more awesome with more detail... Random pipes/ wires always make things look more scientific!

One thing that bugs me a bit is the walkway? I think, that wraps around the top... it should be a lot thinner on the other side away from us, as it is now it is pretty visible and that makes the stairway leading to the top of the machine look really wonky. Arg... I hate to say it, but I don't think that can be fixed with meddling, I think you would be better off redoing the perspective to a degree... I can't tell where your vanishing point is, and that makes the dissonance between the ceiling and the floor harder to fix. Fixing the floor to match the ceiling would probably be a lot easier since its just lines leading to the bg.

:C Sorry if I am stepping out of line with so much crit! I think its a neat page and it would be a shame if the reader were distracted by perspective issues.
Hey, it's not a problem! It didn't take THAT long to draw once I figured it out, it just took a lot of messing around in the meantime. I know that I'm going to have to redraw some of my BGs entirely to make the perspective consistent <3
oh wow this is amazingly amazing. *___* THE PERSPECTIVE HURTS MY HANDS JUST LOOKING AT IT.
Is the observation deck supposed to be directly over the platform? Wouldn't that make it difficult to see anything? It could just be the already-mentioned perspective issue. If the top part is part of the time machine apparatus, I'd suggest using heavier looking supports to add weight to it.

P.S. Hi!