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For those of you who haven't listened to me blather on about it for the past three years, these pages are part of a pitch for Chronin, a graphic novel series set in 1860's Japan. This sequence is taken from the middle of what would be Volume Two, and isn't meant to stand completely alone -- it's just supposed to be a "hook" that convinces prospective publishers that 1) I can actually draw comic pages and 2) this is a story that people will be intersted in reading. They'll also have a full series outline and character profiles to refer to.

I started penciling these pages last summer, and have been picking away at them ever since. It's been three years since I first came up with the idea for Chronin, and BOY HOWDY...I'm so glad to have this thing out the door! Let's just hope that I'm not alone in feeling that Timetravel + Crossdressing + Samurai = Love.
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Well heck, I'd buy the book on the basis of the one panel you posted up there. :) I remember seeing you post bits of this long, long ago too, and am glad there will be more now.

So, when can I expect to see it at my local purveyor???
Heh! Well, let's see if I can find a publisher, first.....

*fingers firmly crossed*

I'm glad you liked what I have up so far, though! It means a lot!