Chapter 04 roughs via 24-hour-comics day

Much as it might be fun to work for 24 hours straight, it would just end up zonking me out for the next couple days, which is sort of counterproductive. So as a compromise, my friend gallo_de_pelea and I decided twelve hours was a little more realistic.

I only managed to finish three pages, alas, but they were pretty complicated as pages go! And because I'm a dork, I also kept a log of my activities for later reference and the amusement of others.

ETA: Four pages show up below, now, but that's just because I updated the image on the server since posting this!

12:30 - Actually start working

1:00 - Delicious coooooffeeeeeeeee

1:10 - Finished panel one! Which I started last night but I'M STILL COUNTING IT

2:39 - Almost done with panel two, except that I accidentally made Kuji left-handed. ARG. Also, I spent at least ten minutes trying to get Kako's head to stop looking like a potato.


3:24 - Two small panels, and I am DONE with page one!

3:40 - Clio arrives, and we discuss podcast options. I have a hard time concentrating without them, alas.

4:31 - Panel one of page two was a bitch, but I have it looking somewhat acceptable. Move on, move on, the battle continues!

4:40 - LUNCH

5:01 - Lunch over, back to work.....though of course, now I want more coffee

5:20 - Tea compromise

5:31 - Panel two finished, blissfully free of a new BG to draw

5:48 - Panel three, blissfully similar to panel two

7:07 - One wonders why I insist on drawing people's heads at weird angles, when they never end up looking right despite spending forever tinkering with them.



8:08 - And with panel five, PAGE TWO IS DONE. Now, for lettering, which sadly I see as a reward and break from the monotony.

8:15 - Should probably work while talking to Clio about ship wars

8:36 - Lettering done! ON TO PAGE THREE.

8:55 - Finish wandering aimlessly around the apartment and staring unhelpfully at my script.

9:20 - Return to work after doing some dishes, enabling Clio to actually use the kitchen

9:33 - DINNER

10:01 - I am never going to be done with this panel, which is btw NOT EVEN THAT COMPLICATED

10:17 - Panel one of page three is finished, and I am having a waffle.

10:48 - Waffle was delicious, panel two is done

11:08 - It's not that I ACTUALLY hate drawing backgrounds, it's just that it takes so damn long. Panel three doesn't have one in the rough version, however, and so I am finished with it!

11:16 - I LOVE PHOTOSHOP. SO MUCH. (Panel four)

12:24 - Panel five is done, page three is lettered, EK has gone to bed and I am SO TOTALLY DONE FOR THE DAY.

Many thanks to EK for keeping me company via txt messaging (SO MUCH ASS DID WE KICK!) and to Clio for physically sitting in the room with me and thus preventing me from watching anime instead of working. ;3
I think we're doing it again on Monday! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!

God, though, I need to keep an eye on the coffee intake -- once I get past a certain point, I get AWFULLY JITTERY O_o

It's fascinating to see "a day in the life", since I try to stay out of the way for the work part!
hoorayyyy for you!
i wish i could have participated this year, but i'm glad it seems to have been a success for everyone!
Well, you can always have a 24-hour-comics-day ALL YOUR OWN, fuck the world and its schedules! ;3
I'm glad you manaed to secceed at some extent hough! XD




Hay, do you have the ability to send cell phone photos via e-mail? I've been trying to send the ones I took yesterday to myself, but no dice.
*folds pictures into juicebox, sticks straw in, hopes to be able to suck out some motivation and inspiration*