Out with the old...

Way back in the winter of 2007, I finished the original pitch for Chronin and sent it out to publishers. Now, two years and ~170 pages later, I've finally caught up to the scene that pitch was from, which thankfully hasn't changed too much since then.

I decided I could use the old pitch pages! However, I was also kind of mortified by the state of them, particularly the characters' faces. I'll finish tightening everything when I go back and do the final inks, but here's the old and new versions of one two-page spread, just so you can see what I mean:

Old Version:

New Version:

Nothing too too drastic, but I guess it's nice to know that I've improved a little over the past couple years!
The profiles have looked a little too shallow to me for a while. Kako's face also used to be consistently rounder, which was great for contrast with Mirai's more angular, less feminine face. I think facial expressions overall are better and more subtle now so that the original looks relatively cartoony.

Also on page 1, last panel, it's distracting for the the doorway line to hit Gilbert's face right there.
Yikes, well I'll keep an eye on that! As I said to Kitty, I went through these pretty quickly and some of them are a little Frankensteined -- I'll keep an eye out for too-shallow profiles, though, both moving ahead and when I go back and do the final inks.
I had to do so much redrawing on some of the faces, and sometimes I really should have just....haha well, redrawn it ENTIRELY instead of erasing bits and pieces here and there. I moved through these pages pretty quickly, but I'll make sure to pay extra attention when I do the final cleanup to make sure everything connects up as it should. :)
You have! Though it's interesting how people's faces are generally a bit longer--is that conscious? I mean, is it bone structure or your tastes changing, better expressions etc? I know nothing of drawing.
It's a few things -- part of it's stylistic, but part of it is that I used to draw people's face too...squashed, I guess? In particular, I always put the mouths and noses too close together. ^_^;;;