Out with the old...

Way back in the winter of 2007, I finished the original pitch for Chronin and sent it out to publishers. Now, two years and ~170 pages later, I've finally caught up to the scene that pitch was from, which thankfully hasn't changed too much since then.

I decided I could use the old pitch pages! However, I was also kind of mortified by the state of them, particularly the characters' faces. I'll finish tightening everything when I go back and do the final inks, but here's the old and new versions of one two-page spread, just so you can see what I mean:

Old Version:

New Version:

Nothing too too drastic, but I guess it's nice to know that I've improved a little over the past couple years!
I had to do so much redrawing on some of the faces, and sometimes I really should have just....haha well, redrawn it ENTIRELY instead of erasing bits and pieces here and there. I moved through these pages pretty quickly, but I'll make sure to pay extra attention when I do the final cleanup to make sure everything connects up as it should. :)